13 year old boy Om Rane distributed Bhagavad Gita

Om Rane, 13, stays in Ghatkopar, a suburb in Mumbai. Every year in December he would see his parents and family friends enthusiastically participating in book marathon. He too wanted to go along with them, but who would allow him to go? And who would take him seriously?


This year, in 2016, he expressed his desire to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books, because he thought he has grown sufficiently old. He started going house to house, shop to shop, in his area, and after trying for a long time, managed to distribute three copies of Gita.


But he wanted to do more. He entered a place that he thought was a hotel. There he saw people sitting and chatting, eating groundnuts, holding a glass of liquid in their hands. Little did he know that it was a liquor shop. With Gita in his hand, Om approached a drunkard.


Om: Uncle, why are you crying?

Drunkard: Why are you asking this question?

Om: Please have a look at this book. You are drinking this wine but it can give you only temporary happiness, whereas this book can give you permanent happiness. Wine will destroy your life, but this book will give you new life.


Charmed by this sweet and bold talk, the drunkard agreed to take the Gita. And he promised Om that he will give up drinking wine and try to become a good person.


Om is happy that he could please Srila Prabhupada by this effort.

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